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2015 24-Hour Northern Summer Extreme Endurance Motorcycle Challenge

General Event Information

Participants’ Meeting: April 12, 2015, Sunday, 6 PM, at the Function Hall, 4th Floor, New Legislative Building beside the Marikina City Hall. For further details, and as more developments unfold, please also refer to the following Facebook pages:

Introductory Overview

The 24-Hour Northern Summer Extreme Endurance Motorcycle Challenge covering the Northern provinces of Luzon began in the summer of 2013 with the brave participation of a few hardcore and extreme motorcycle riders. This extreme motorcycle event was conceptualized and designed for the passionate endurance motorcycle rider who claims to have the guts and courage to take the grueling 1,200-kilometers challenge starting in Metro Manila and then going through selected provinces in Region III, Region II, Region I, CAR and back within a 24-hour time constraint.

From there on, the event has become an annual feat and it drew more participants who want to experience and survive riding under the extreme summer heat with changing climate conditions passing the Cordilleras and the wide plains of Northern Luzon. The “annualized” versions of this event has already merited a special group of successful daredevil finishers. Do you have the guts and the matching bike to take on this challenge?

The event organizers have partnered with SonicBoom and Repsol for 2015 to give the participants a more magnificent event.

There is no explicit cash prize for this event. However, well-meaning sponsors, supporters and friends will be assisting us on expenses and special souvenir prizes for finishers and qualified participants. The real prize here is purely the fulfilling sense of accomplishing a 1,200+ kilometer journey along good and bad Philippine roads under good and bad weather conditions within 24 hours. Successful finishers are also heralded as “legends” in their own right, especially recognized among riders in the Philippine motorcycling community.


  1. Preparation and timeliness
    Prospective participants are required to attend the Participants’ Meeting and last day of registration on April 12, 2015, Sunday, 6 PM at the Function Hall, 4th Floor, New Legislative Building beside Marikina City Hall. Applicants may bring with them the complete safety gear and motorcycle they intend to use for advance inspection. All participants must observe prompt attendance and gentlemanly conduct. Applicants must also fill up and submit this registration form with their complete details from January 20 to April 12, 2015.
  2. Self-sustaining
    Each rider participant must be self-sustaining. He or she will be responsible for his/her own bike, gas money, food, mobile phone, mobile network service load, camera and other personal agenda relating to his/her own completion of this challenge. Each participant is free to request for sponsorship from various supporting institutions. A good starting place to ask for sponsorship is your motorcycle brand’s main office. In your request for sponsorship, you can show them this prospectus along with your formal solicitation letter.
  3. Physically fit
    A bona fide rider participant must be physically and realistically fit to handle the pressure and physical stress of a 1,200+ kilometer journey. Any rider who is found to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs right before the event will be automatically disqualified without reimbursement. Differently abled riders are also welcome to join this challenge. For the sake of each rider’s safety, participants are required to wear full protective motorcycle gear comprising the following elements at the minimum level:

    • DOT/ECE/Snell/JIS-certified helmet
    • Motorcycle riding jacket with armor or padding, and elbow protectors
    • Motorcycle riding pants or denim pants with knee and shin guards
    • Motorcycle riding shoes
    • Motorcycle gloves
    • Reflective vest
  4. Road legal
    Each rider participant must bear a legally valid driving license with the proper restriction code. The motorcycle, moped or scooter that a rider participant is going to use must also be lawfully registered from the Land Transportation Office. If a lawfully LTO-registered bike does not bear a license plate during the event (license plate not available yet), or a bike has issues that may affect its legal road use (ex. HID, loud pipes, sub-standard or lack of side mirrors, non-conforming headlight, turn signals or brake lights, etc.), then its rider shall bear all the penalties and legal remedies that may or can be imposed upon him or her by Philippine law enforcement personnel.
  5. Road-worthiness
    Each rider participant must use a road-worthy bike that can handle the severity of the challenge. The responsibility of the bike’s maintenance and integrity prior to the event is left to the care and accountability of its rider. The bike must also exhibit a fully functional and operational odometer. Any problem that a rider’s bike may incur during the event will be shouldered by the participant. The organizing committee will enlist the assistance of local support service volunteers, wherever and whenever available, and the participant can use these resources should a breakdown situation or an accident occur.
  6. Ambition and determination
    Each rider participant must possess that blazing and burning desire to complete this challenge within the prescribed time. He/she must commit to joining an elite circle of accomplished legends that have been able to muster this magnificent feat in the previous editions. This is neither for the faint of heart nor for those who have weak willpower. This uncompromising challenge is exclusively intended for the extreme long-distance endurance riding maniac.
  7. Ride at your own risk
    Participants must fully appreciate and understand the risks in joining this event. The organizers, partners and sponsors will neither be held responsible nor liable for any injury, disability, sickness or any third-party entanglement that may arise from the rider’s participation in this event.


  1. Route and checkpoints
    Each participant must follow the prescribed route, regardless of the bike used. The prescribed route starts at Metro Manila, passes through specific checkpoints in Northern Luzon – Infanta (Pangasinan-Zambales Boundary Arc), Biker’s Den (Baguio), Ilocos Sur Welcome Arc (Tagudin), Bessang Pass (Cervantes), Highest Point (Atok), Banaue Arc (Banaue) – and then finishes off back at Metro Manila. The route plan and list of checkpoints are also being disseminated in our Facebook group page and our Facebook community page; and this set of information will be echoed on the Participants’ Meeting. Riders with motorcycles bearing engine displacements larger than 400 cc are permitted to pass through expressways and tollways.

    Important note: Participants are obligated to complete the requirements for proving their checkpoint log-on in a timely manner by taking validation pictures. A checkpoint/finish line validation picture or series of pictures consists of:

    • A “selfie” with helmet and balaclava fully taken off a participant’s head – visibly and clearly showing his/her face, his/her own sticker with number designation and the checkpoint banners/markers.
    • A picture of his/her motorcycle showing the checkpoint banners/markers as a backdrop.

    The selfie-with-event-sticker-with-motorcycle-with-checkpoint-banner/marker picture may also be executed in a single image frame for each checkpoint. All validation pictures must concurrently show the checkpoint banner/marker.

    Do not forget to post your validation pictures back at this website soon after the event to facilitate verification, recognition and preparation of corresponding rewards. The deadline for posting these validation pictures is on Monday, April 27, 2015, 11:59:59 PM.

  2. No provision for tandem riding participants
    This challenge does not accept participants with pillion riders or back-rides.
  3. Road conduct
    Participants must follow all lawful rules and regulations governing the usage of motorcycles on Philippine roads and highways. Co-participants are expected and obliged to refrain from racing against each other, which could endanger themselves and compromise the safety of others. Complaints on excessively aggressive road misconduct against co-participants that could affect the outcome of the challenge may be arbitrated by an ad-hoc committee at the end of the event.
  4. Finishers
    Participants who are able to complete the route, while being able to properly document and register themselves from the starting point, on each checkpoint and on the finish line – all within 24 hours and before 10 PM, April 19, 2015, will be considered successful finishers and champions of the 2015 24-Hour Northern Summer Extreme Endurance Motorcycle Challenge. We are emphasizing that this is not a race among riders. The time-to-finish results have NO BEARING on the overall champions of this event.
  5. Rewards
    Sponsored prizes, freebies and other tokens – wherever and whenever available – will be distributed EVENLY and OBJECTIVELY to each participating entry who have passed the qualification criteria, depending upon the item to be distributed.
  6. Waiver
    All participants are required to sign the waiver form with clear specification that expressly frees the organizers, partners, coordinators and sponsors from any and all legal liabilities and indemnifications related to the conduct of this event.
  7. Arbitration, Adjudication and Decision
    The organizers, Extreme Endurance Motorcycle Challenge Organizing Team a.k.a. EEMCOT, expressly reserve the right on rendering arbitration, adjudication and then executing authoritative decisions on matters that are beyond the scope of the specified rules in this prospectus.


  • Start – Marikina City Hall of Justice Parking Lot
  • Checkpoint 1 – Infanta Welcome Arc (after Nayum Bridge, Zambales – Pangasinan border) – 15.809429, 119.912904
  • Checkpoint 2 – Biker’s Den, Marcos Highway, Baguio – 16.381683, 120.541620
  • Checkpoint 3 – Ilocos Sur Welcome Arc, Tagudin – 16.918035, 120.461470
  • Checkpoint 4 – Bessang Pass Monument, Cervantes – 16.957163, 120.649695
  • Checkpoint 5 – Highest Point, Atok – 16.640528, 120.774781
  • Checkpoint 6 – Banaue Welcome Arc – 16.918855, 121.058880
  • Finish Line – Marikina City Hall of Justice Parking Lot

For a more detailed graphical exposition of the route plan, visit this link:…


Registering to 2015 SEnd requires bonafide applicants to complete the following steps:

  1. Prepare the Php 1,000.00 registration fee and make a payment to any of the following channels:
    • BDO SA 00703 003 3059 Mark Julius V. De Leon (Banco De Oro Savings Account of Mark Julius V. De Leon)
    • BDO SA 223 000 7536 Jeffrey Ocaya (Banco De Oro Savings Account of Jeffrey Ocaya)
    • SonicBoom Motorsports
    • Personally make a payment to Davz, Mistah, Holyos, BJ Badz or Loloy D
    • Attend an announced registration gathering at different points in the Metro Manila area on different dates

    Always claim your payment receipt. Scan or take a picture of your payment receipt. If you made a payment over the Internet or via online banking, be sure to get a screen capture of the payment confirmation screen and keep this picture.

  2. Download and print the Waiver Form, read it carefully and understand its content. If you agree with the terms of the Waiver Form, fill it in with your appropriate details and sign it. Scan or take a picture of your signed Waiver Form.
  3. Scan or take a picture of your valid and active driver’s license. Take note that the organizers reserve the right to revoke, refuse or deny registration entry to those applicants whose license is scheduled to expire within one week before the event date unless the applicant can update this image with a valid and active driver’s license within the week prior to the event date.
  4. Resize all the pictures of your payment receipt, waiver form and driver’s license to a maximum of 1024 pixels only for any one side of each image. Ensure that the resulting file size of the picture is less than 2 MB and that the image maintains clarity and due readability of its graphical content.
  5. Sign up for a user’s account at the website (or – browser exception for acceptance of unverified SSL certification required). In the Validity Test field, you may put in “send”, “summer” or “sonicboom” without the quotes. Validate your user account by checking your email and following the website’s instructions on how to activate your account. Be sure to check also your spam folder if you did not receive your account activation email within an hour after signing up for a user account.
  6. Activate your user account, login to (or then proceed to the web-based registration form and fill in all fields with factual and accurate details concerning your registration. Any ill-declaration, misrepresentation or inaccurate submission of information may render your application invalid without reimbursement.
  7. Attend the Participants’ Meeting on April 12, 2015, Sunday, 6 PM at the Function Hall, 4th Floor, New Legislative Building beside Marikina City Hall.
  8. Visit the results table at regularly afterwards to check on the status of your application.
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